Learn All About Credit Repair In This Article

Learn All About Credit Repair In This Article. In today’s day and age, it is not uncommon to hit “rock bottom” and be in need of credit repair advice. Reaching this point can make you feel like there is no where to turn, and no way to get back on track again. That’s really not the case, and following a few simple steps can help you along the way.

Make multiple payments on the credit cards you use the most. If you use your card throughout the week for everyday expenses and pay it off every Friday, you’ll cut the amount of credit you’re using at any one time. Check with your card issuer to learn how they handle multiple monthly payments.

Ask for a’ good-will deletion’, Say you’ve paid late, but have an otherwise spotless credit history. You can ask your lender for a “good-will deletion,” he says. “It doesn’t mean it is wrong or was reported incorrectly. Essentially, what you’re doing is asking the creditor to cut you some slack.”

Pay for removal of bad debt. If you have a credit account that is in collections, but before you agree to or pay anything, you want the arrangement in writing. Get a letter on company letterhead that spells out they will remove the debt from all three major credit-reporting agencies.

Protect yourself in a short sale. After a short sale, the mortgage lender often will report to credit bureaus that the home loan was settled for less than the full amount. In addition, it can also note the amount of the deficit as “balance owed” on the credit report, even though the obligation has been finalized and no additional money is owed.

For maximum score benefit, pay your balance down to 10 percent or less of the credit limit. The lower your utilization, the better your credit will be. Not that you need to carry a balance to earn low utilization. You can pay in full every month and still have a monthly balance on your credit report — this will be the amount on your last monthly statement.

Request your credit report. This is an important step in repairing your credit. Since you are entitled to receive 3 free credit reports from the different credit reporting agencies, you should take advantage of it and request them. You can do this online or over the phone by providing your information.

Contact your creditors. You should do this so you can make payment arrangements with them or work out a deal with them. This way you can get your debts taken care of or paid off. You will also let your creditors know you are trying to handle your debt with them.

Remove negative items from your credit report by filing a dispute for inaccuracies. If you request your credit report and notice there are negative items that are not accurate you should file a dispute. This will help you remove these items from your credit report. By doing this it will also make your credit better.

Make all of your payments on time every month. You should do this with all of your bills so you don’t have any more negative items reported on your credit report. This will show creditors that you are responsible and will help you with the future of your credit report.

Hitting “rock bottom” does not have to mean the end of your financial future. By using some common sense, and following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can greatly improve your financial forecast. The road might not be a short one, but the end result will most certainly be worth the effort.